Thursday, April 18, 2013

Immortal & Blind

Memory of conscience
Times long forgotten
Burden of the lips
Truth is a crime
In this age

Vampire memories
Hanging from the wall
Blank photographs of crows
Carrion soul catalysts
Mirrors of songs
Of those lost

Whispering lip sink of truth
Inaudible bleak message
Vexed by honest
A society crime
In this age

Memories of self
Vampire in the mirror
Lonely wall noose hung
Blank photographs of trophies
Carrion soul victim catalyst
Mirrors of a dying song
Of those I've lost

Lips broadcast honesty
Clock timed frame
Season of change
No more villain
Truth is ideal

Forgive us naught
Proud of our demons
Unseen in the mirror
Deserve no peace
Of conscience
Mortal & blind
We're all...
Just dying
On Earth