Sunday, April 7, 2013

Isolated Flock

Only one look left
In the activist's lonely eye
Skyward prayer shopping for grace
Composition of an animated endeavour
On behalf of the dying out poverty flock

Can't think straight
Guided mind slightly left
Suffering the hospitality of greed
Empire of a million children
Inheriting debt beds

Single handed hook
Last activity of the left fist
Weapon of the skyward prayer
Animated composure of rage
Vengeance for genocide
On behalf of avarice

Can't think straight
Heart guided by wolves
Slightly left of vengeance
Suffering the hospitality of greed
Empire of six billion children
Inheriting debt beds

Middle class empire will stand
Aside in the aftermath of the storm
No one drags the dying to safety
Buzzards feast on their corpses
Wolves run rampant afield
Epidemic point of view
Heart's go silent
Numb to love

Ps. Compassion is dead
Change the channel
Flickering images
The damage