Monday, March 4, 2013

Mechanical Sex (Born this Way)

Prodigal slain youth
Sang the virtue chorus
Despite a sexual infraction
Intelligently designed this way
The narrow eyes deny it
On his grave's door step
Blue skies of forever
Linger in dark eyes
Hope never dies
Soul is eternal
Love is gone

Blood broke trust
Deviant manipulation
A yearly vacation guilt trip
Plague of undeniable emotion
Sped by family molestation
Face down mechanisms
Sexual tension release

Can't say I hate just you
Nor do I forget you
But I will forgive
I desire no pity
My gay soul
Was born
This way

Prodigal youth
Same sex function
Molested by family
Yet your love is worse
So bury it deep within
Leave the ignorant blind
They adore false innocence
Behind endorsed hate lies
Camouflaged by smiles
Signed in gossip
Seeps through
Their skin

Uncle f*ck me
Youth break in
Daily child to visit
Long ago on vacation
Backwards mechanisms
Of sexual tension release
Hopeless trips of guilt
Sped me down hill
Upon memory's
Lonely lanes
Born this
This way