Monday, March 25, 2013

Post Card I

The post arrived
Without a warning
Checkmate my soul
Upon reading the news
A tragic tale self written
Card from a past life

Back from the future
Selling still frame images
Polaroids of the apocalypse
Man behind the controls
Walking autobiography

Postman arrived
Left despair behind
Words from the grave
Captured essence of life
Echoes trapped in moment

Back from the future
Stolen still frame images
Polaroids of the apocalypse
Entombed corpse of mine
A future version of me

Doorstep knock
Mute child messenger
Unprepared for this post
Unhearing ears her shield
Protection from our noise
Next door predator living
Brilliant scientific man
Shed her pale skin
In his nuclear test

The letter she handed
Read terms of continuance
Spoke of illogical whispering
In the dark madness of an eclipse
Stop the biohazardous testing
Nature needs no more war
Burn down the laboratory
Pull the trigger...
Set us both free