Sunday, January 21, 2018

Double Zero: Zero One III

Mythical ending day expenses,

    Nothingness' subliminal vagrant inhuman nature approaches, Hate is a tensionless unrecognizable leech thriving on our transient willfully fleeting pariah labelled incoherence, Entitled our evey off colour ghostly horrific white unrecognizable mirror impressionable moment of defiance we never claimed our humanity is faith's buoyancy against the ambitious thresholds wrought of darkness on overdrive, An aftermath of the intellectual rush to be treacherously numb, We've witnessed silently in unison the unicorn of doom's autonomous prospectively assumed everyone's endurance is equal in desires!

     Immortalized are those who once sought equality amidst the our witless apostle war are now nearly inaudible, The mythical darkness has won out against hope, Once dared eternally in infamy to merely exist, Yet naught but a Hitleresque grin adorning our black fearlessly inhumane approach breath harlequin imminent eventualities, Never bow before the fugitive wrought of fire and dust said to be the entire infamy holding the ashes we're all cold shining lifelessly formed in!

      Our endless submissions of unquestioning souvenir worship, Formulates an inevitable omen reprieve augmented from the willingly cognitive derelict human narrative, Believing Death will never fatefully come, While our silent bent anecdotal first privileged world knees submit prayers unto debt's seemingly unending golden mirror gospel weekly orphaned imp whispering in our impressionable ear replenished magnifying our insignificant self importance, As morality's lip globally omen sinking historically potent harbinger nurtured derelict existence gives silent way to greed's ever legend burning is our soon to be unwritten expanding future landscape!

In lieu of our impending mannequin impressions,
Where folded prayer hands wish amnesty,
Met silent in prayer as scissor bent knees,
As the world's fleeting hope passed...
Morally bankrupt by... By(e)!

May the search continue... Ever & Anon,
For a taste of things to equally for everyone,