Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thrilling Entrapment III

Aquarium of infamously dust mighty intention mongrels,

     Hovering misogynistic willingly believed psalms blind, Un-manipulated discoloured traffic inner algorithmic eye, Never orphaned by the infinite forces are the followers of stigmatic themes of gorgeous eternity's potential thrill, Sworn to follow until Panic in the now but famous entitlement is a dying man's obsolete psalm's jungle narrative labyrinth of a dreamt up souvenir of pride held forever in a fringe realm entitled heaven where your fortune pretends to live, Over which the vagrant opinion chorus nature of following anyone who'll silent-de-materializes the importance of love's every energy impression, A bleak keep benign hope sake unimpressionable future the contested vagrant menagerie beg against surviving in... Yet the horde is divisive, Dividing based on the universality of greed's lingering self over anyone importance.

In lieu of our participation in,
Silencing our own future!