Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Red River

I see the stars fly by

As the clouds separate for me

On my way home

Opening my eyes

I stair into the light from a midnight sky

Above the cities and strongholds

I asked myself the meaning of being

No one can tell me.... how or why

You'll simply have to remain alive

I'd follow the red river against the pier pressure

Until I reached its unbridled raging oceanic end

Left and around a bend to view its insanity

Opinionated waives claim the weakened

Ensuring our time will be wasted

While we search for ourselves

In the casualties amongst the ships wreckage

The storm we've created will never be over

Their lives are so easily wasted

Right out in the open

An over easily looked point of unclear view

So come with me

Lets follow this river of red

Soon you'll come to see its beauty

Their blood for your pleasures bled

The end, a vast expanse of ocean opens

A sea of hell, were children sit upon the shore

As we sit idly by and watch as their lives bleed in

To the everlasting river of disgraced red

The formation of tormenting viole(n)t waves

They fulfill our pleasures with their lives

They are our gallant heroes

Sitting astride our mighty death steeds

While the galloping tears their flesh from bone

And like ghosts without names to us they become

They arrive in vacant guilt lead conversations

That like our dreams never appear

There is nothing we won't let go
No shelter were we will spend our precious time
Leave the weakened 3rd world civilians behind
Follow the path of blaming others to its bitter end
In this way we'll find our past reoccurring forever
We've left wisdom above all so far and unlearned behind
Seeking the red rivers bloody end

Building its waters day and night

Unforeseen it ripped into your mind

A peaceful forever new tide pool view

Came piercing cleanly through

All the various colors of skin

Are more than just by your label 'all right'

Equality is broken in the mentality of the host

An invented costs

They won't dare approach or let go

There is no future for them

Ditch them into the oblivion road side

Spend less time worrying about the rivers ever lasting decent

And seek a selfish future in the moment

Claim your right to know the pleasures

Forsaking to help children of the world

Your family f(r)iends forgot

Follow this path to its end

Then you'll see true pleasures

Don't cause the creation of world starvation

And the everlasting bloody river of red

So come with me

Lets follow this river of red

Soon you'll come to see its beauty

Their blood for your pleasures bled