Thursday, December 25, 2008

What Gifts did to Sunday, Christmas

It seems Sunday morning has become meaningless
Just like what unwrapping gifts brought upon Christmas day
For all the wrong reasons in life you chose to fight
Not for family, or human rights, but for your comfortable pew
Though you change your spot, its not your fault you ran away
The old one bears the black spot of someonelse' broadcasted shame
A panel made judgement claimed over another comfort seeking soul

How could she have ever knew her son's marriage would fall apart
Divorce wasn't what she tuaght and yet an optional choice he made
So her son might not give up his soul to obtain a pretty view
A plastic version of the girl he once knew

Won't lay claims from a mobile pulpit that I'm a saint
My sexual preference is against the blindness of your belief
But human rights equality burns so bright deep inside of me
I'm only one raging against your ignorance
Bigotry, and blind out of context believing conformity
A series of facts you embrace claiming you'll never change

I desire to make myself clear so please read my lips
Fuck you and who you've always been
You raised me, toss me out, and label my existense a sin
I can agree with you that the way you exist
Is a blind love I'll never know

godless judgements can't help save your soul
When for love you'll safrifice nothing not even time
But for a status you'll sell your child's soul
As a mathmatics equation equality's moral truth wiil challenge you
Forward no longer into the mistakes of past you must go
Retrace your path or step into a dangerous unknown

Learn from the ignorant comfort h(e)aven you lived in
When nothing but money would you do for those you profess to love
You didn't raise a finger only angry eyes and a mocking voice
As a war cry of vocal rage against your own to fight

Daily towards heaven or hell you must go
You are the one to blame for your own every day
On the tele the evangelist screams in unkown tungues
And the prompter ticks with a resounding bell
Another angel gets their wings as we condemn
A new Christian to our blind believing auditorium hell

When I think of you and what you put me through
Just to be accepted and have your Sunday morning show
I wish you could see how your destroyed my faith
A relationship with Christ that was never really there

Even now in service I hear your emotional voice over flow
With the words that never filled the gap in your soul
But made you feel good and a decent man once a week
When in the dark lighting in hushed voices you did sing
Welcome to the knowledge of hell's hypnosis you all embrace
On Sunday mornings as you fall over, stream tears and knees quake

I forgot Church's purpose so long ago
When the hatred therein created a hole
Just like what unwrapping gifts did to Christmas day
It seems also that Sunday morning has become meaningless
For a status in an unholy building you sold my soul
And all the lives therein sling pity upon other's shame
Created by non other than your judgements and blame

Sunday Mourning Status

Your loving words were a camoflaouge for my cage
Dedicated my soul to a God you never knew
To feel accepted by those sitting in rows of pews
Decorated my childhood with fancy Sunday clothes
To fulfill an acceptance quota or sit silently in shame

13 years old and I've never known you cared
Fatten my body with memories of smile covered gluttony
Only to suite me up for my weekly auditorium inspection
During the week you mock me for my weight
I still wiegh myself and no matter the numbers I'm filled with hate
I swallow my food to belimicly fuck it up all over again
Take me back to the first years of rage
To repair the error of my ways
When you told your wife to be good
And feed our ignorant appitites

You should have blown me away before I came to know
The deeply established hatred you bare for me
Because I wouldn't conform to what you believe
That enables hell to speak through your eyes
Showing your wife and pew your raging soul

Preacher prays a prayer over treacherous children
Ringing the bell relieving us to children's church again
Condemning the fat kid in the corner to a life without a friend
God the Christ child created this fucked up son
In his world wide hated mold

I begin to cry that I won't go
But to you, my tears are your shame
A disturbance in the perfect pew
A scene hushed as the ceremony was under away
The weakness of emotion you'll mock at home
But on that Sunday morn your grip went stern and eyes went cold
You'd do anything to meet the weekly Sunday status quoe

I won't speak of love on that hollow soul displaying day
I can't sit in silence to cover your weekly grievances anymore
Acceptance to the cliques should no longer dominate church life
We tolerate immoral unequality so we can live comortably
Standing by on the sidelines as it obliterates people's lives
We charish vacant relations of polite clique acceptance
From those who don't leave trash and sit upright upon the pew
More than the children existing malnourished in your own home

You should have blown me away long ago
Before I established my deep beliefs on equality
Now your left with an equation of why you bare hatred for me
Because I wouldn't conform to what you've been told to believe
When I look into your orbs I see the blind raging eyes of hell
Go on controlling the only being soon to be left in your life
She standing silently beside you in submission in your pew
Filling the status quoe of not your Sunday mourning clique Biblical abuse with singled out verses of submission
Clearly your blind belief blurred your vision
Welcome to the Sunday mourning clique
On the backside of the Monday truthcast edition

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lying Tribute

Today is come to pass and gone
And I spend my days now advocating rights
For those you mock and by your beliefs condemned to hell
I will never sacrifice again for the evil you've become
Father you betrayed me but you'll never remember
You hid memories far away so you wouldn't have to look back
And now I watch as you brush me aside
Because of my sexuality I could no longer deny

I've never again desired to care
For anything you have to say
You fucked our relationship over that fateful day
You didn't realize the damage you'd do
When you showed your bigotry and called me gay
Now feel the rebuttal as forever forgiven to forget
You'll be as I walk away

Cut the ties and confess the ties that bind us are over
The years spent together in my heart are dust
No longer will I conform to your religious dreams
I've seen this world change, and regress into anti aid
Charity on display to show your friends ones ethical pride
And so my heart by means of words defies your rage

Just like my first memories of your the same
Mocked me at 13 for my weight until I died inside
Then replaced my clear thoughts of despairing pains
With deluded congestion from your nauseated sounds
Their blind words repeated from the pulpit from your mouth
But in the end you'll find no safety when your words come unbound

Now you look at the corpse in a casket
Your hands paid for the rusted staples that hold my eyes shut
Now visit me alone in an auditorium put on display
Sit in front of the box you crafted that bears your blood's name
Even in death you control my fame and the choices I could make
Creating a guest list to solidify segregation for my friends
You weren't prepared but did well to hide my beliefs
As the doors shut to hide you and a father's shame

A ceremony altered from the dream it was supposed to be
A vision in a memory of a father's perfect image
That never came to be and a son's dream of global equality
No matter what race, age, or gender there would be aid
But the father broke it with separation in a well crafted plan
That spread like the plague infecting the works of my pen
Lies spoken to alter the truths and the way I should have remembered

Now you know where you'll find me
6 feet under in a box crafted to hide labeled sin
Behind which lies the father's images of crime
Just like the faults of current society
Its not the lack of funds but selfishness
And separation imbued by hearts of charcoal
Allowing children to walk bear feet on concrete
All dedicated to greediness for society's dark souls

During my ceremony for a death of ill brought up offspring
You stood to give my the conformity eulogy
Altered as soon as it touched your hands
All my friends words hidden so you could be perfect again
You had to hide your shame replacing your pains
With lies embedded in images no one would ever know
Peer down at the casket to hide the tragedy of my dead wishes
Behind your eyes flickers the anger of justifications
At the helplessness you feel inside
As the dreams of my life you now with hold
No one shall ever see the true me
Only images and lies you allow to be displayed

If I could replace all your shame I wouldn't
You didn't deal with me just hid me under a rug
I am the evil in your closet and the darkness of your past
If only you could change maybe we could have overcome
But all that you've thrown away is me like the trash
As comfort is so much easier than embracing change
But for me now in the grave I face the evils of death on my own

Everyone's eyes stuck open staring down at me
Just like those looking through rusted eyes almost shut
Soon they'll believe the images of hell you set upon me
Cleaned my flesh with charcoal in the end
From all the days you spent in a self created cage
No matter what you say now over me
You'll always be ignorant, blind, and unchanging in evil conformity
To a belief you've never even dared to question or see in me

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dream of Generations

If I could I'd take the worlds pain
The blame of a thousand angry generations
3rd world debt and the ancient hatred that binds
Pound it into myself like nails and die for it all

In the skies the angels scream with rage
While congress unanimous decision is unity to pacify
So sit back frozen in your arm char and watch the daily parade
While the Devil steals away their justice and your future
So someday he can obtain your soul at night

See the flesh burned to bones
As the tanks of rebels roll past
Grasp my daydream and say goodbye
To the evil pictures in your hand
Forever they will be behind your closed eyes
Unbidden it will change love in your mind

I'll show you I'm not afraid to die
If I could I'd take the worlds pain
The blame of a thousand angry generations
3rd world debt and the ancient hatred that binds
Pound it into myself like nails and die for it all
But fuck it all I'm just one man
So with my words I display the this daydream
Of us all unbound by hatred with equal status
In all our subconscious divisions of heart and mind

No one believes me, that for justice
We must unify for every passer by
Otherwise there will be no future for hope
Take my hand and kiss ignorance goodbye

Friday, December 12, 2008

We The Crowd

The counselor said you were ok
Beyond measure of his experience
So you went to the bar to celebrate healing
But hid your sorrows still in shots filled with bliss

Reconsider the pain divided by lies, truth, and shame
Hidden so much with your lying words
And with your brilliant butterfly tattoos painted
To hide the scares he crafted in the darkness
So none of us should ever find out your pain
I hope that soon you remember
That this feeling runs rampant among us

Wake up to find yourself
Not hidden but bright and brilliantly loved
Here in the vast openness of this damaged crowd
Know the love hidden by therapists
Paid off by parents who claim to know best
And for all intentions have their own blessed wishes
To hide their crimes of ignorance and abuse towards us
The open to truth but oh so damaged crowd

Brace yourself for a future without us
As we sink together into traumatic bliss
The feelings and knowledge of love
Found in truthfulness
A right belonging to everyone
Even yourselves

She hid away behind the bottle
To hide her shame of her husbands crimes
At night he left her alone to find you
And then he claimed again and again
Your body's innocence
He pillaged your mind
And forever bent your spine

Wake up to find yourself
No longer hidden but bright and brilliantly loved
Here in the vast openness of this damaged crowd
Standing together forever as one by one we fall
Grab our arms to find hope amongst us
The accepting and yet damaged crowd

Come lets rewind time
To find yourself in the future
Where his past is truth gone by
Spoken to redeem your soul
Now find yourself amongst us all
Here in the oh so damaged crowd

We've got so much in common
Such a fucking damaged crowd
Welcome to the love we've together found
In the bliss of pain and sufferings
You paid off therapists can't help us now
We've all found one another
Amongst the family we made
In this fucked up damaged crowd

Once long ago David was changed
By a father who claimed to know best
Put his son's life on trial to live up to his future plans
When David struggled with depression and hid the truth
Of how good he really was at being an artist
He was pushed farther until he fell
Now he's one of us here accepted unlike by his father
By us all here amongst the fucked up damaged crowd

Wake up to find yourself
No longer hidden but bright and brilliantly loved
Here in the vast openness of this damaged crowd
Standing together forever as one by one we fall
Grab our arms to find hope amongst us
The accepting and yet damaged crowd

Thursday, December 11, 2008


If I could have seen the sun
Maybe I wouldn't have fallen down
But as it stands so now it goes unseen
Welcome to an eternity of my unknown self reality

How could we have come so far
To relapse into oblivion of silver wishes
I tear down your glass cases filled with dreams
Of white picket fences and silver dishes

Our brains are filled with this
Silver selfish sunfish that feed us endlessly
Like golden dragonflies that pierce the skies
It won't ever be over until we recognize
The selfish anger we created inside

How could we have come so far
To relapse into oblivion of silver wishes
I tear down your glass cases filled with dreams
Of white picket fences and silver dishes

I can see the shining of their silver engraved future
Their thirst never abated except in the frozen sea
An ocean we now follow called a stream
To the gleaming silver surface of the final chemical filled pond
Fuck, I hope we're happy now

In a bliss of something stable that can brace us all
For a future without clean water only dirt
And an eternity of winter and a daily seen eclipse
Our for fathers created this new age silver apocalypse

How could we have come so far
To relapse into oblivion of silver wishes
I tear down your glass cases filled with dreams
Of white picket fences and silver dishes

Is your silver china behind stained glass worth this
Fucking others over to obtain our own selfish wishes
Equality for the rich sustained status or stomp your lights out
Thought we were friendly once that was before
We gave to the poor our own scientific evolution dishes
Filled with chemical genocide clouds paid for by us

The middle class tax for the ignorant parliament filled with the rich
Fuck this society our for fathers set us up to fall
They foresaw the strategy of the slowly implemented cast system
Imposed like a disease festering over time into the damaged people
Our neighbors, our fathers, and even us if we stand hollow amongst the crowds

How could we have come so far
To relapse into oblivion of sliver slimy cast system
A society of human beings lying to themselves to feel happy
Ignorance chosen by so many minds hidden amongst us all
In the hurting damaged crowds
Will you stand with me
Tear down your own glass cases filled with dreams
Of white picket fences and silver dishes
For a reality where equality is truth
Not bound by a system setup for 1st class society

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hey You

Stand back from my own personal area 52
Take a walk back stage behind the darkness
Of the curtains where my mental lights collide
And from you I believe I require a reason
I need some time to think

Hey you are you the being they call the one
If so take a walk with me
Listen and reflect upon my angry surreal thoughts
Weaken the summons from hell for my mind
As the walls of this reality slowly come undone
Hey you The Christ
Turn and face me
Help define this rage inside
So that a cause to live for I might find
For I've found you've got no grace left for me
Not this my own fucking little life

My mother lied to me
When in my woes she turned to me
To say that all would eventually be ok
But I've realized that without truthless lives
There would be no portrait of simplistic ignorance in human rights racism
In this life to define our anger and aid me to breath out evoking words
For this world and its division on human rights and its paid off blind eyes
Until the meeting of the being they call the one
My glimpse of inner self peace will have to suffice

Hey you, are you the one
You know the one they call The Christ
If so stop here and now for this time
Deny the future your thoughts
Help define for our blind eyes
The way to live for all human rights

On that busy sidewalk I finally realized it
She sat alone this thought awaiting my passing by
To scream so few simplistic words upon her sign
That for her basic human rights
To live we should all head the summons of morality

A vision of conformity to her sign
"Wake up to human rights
And in them find the god's of heaven and hell
And on the other side the possibilities of inner peace"

I live now for the everlasting portrait of an imbued morality
From the words on her sign so long ago I once read
Standing so clearly now dancing in my head
So I take up arms against my own life
To heed the summons of heaven and hell
A betrayal of the peace once sought by my mind

What I really need is someone who believes in now
I hope of a dreaming day when we meet
It won't erase the past of our lives
But together we converge to fight the area 52
Of this worlds blind eyes to death, genocide
And fuck it all to hell this diversion of politics
That aids others in denying basic necessities of life
Watch as a counsel deliberates on ancient divisions on human rights

Hey you, are you the one
You know the one they call The Christ
If so stop here and now for this time
Deny the future your thoughts
Help define for our blind eyes
The way to live for all of human rights

Wake up and smell the summons of truth from hell
For ignorance and weakness of will for our lives
As we take up the open eyes of morality for all humanity's rights
I know its true, the way both of us once were hides deep in the mind
But together we can accept the past to burn up the now
By this image I'll know I've found someone real
Wake up Ms. You, whom ever you are
Take my hand and walk with me
Into a future where we'll die for the truth we want all to find
That there's more to live for and that's fairness of morality for all
Basic everlasting human rights

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Burns of Children

Make me feel like a little child again
Slit my wrists as you pass me by
Infect my wounds with anger
As you burn brand my side with scaring marks
Festering abusiveness still existed after you abandoned me
There is no cure for you the ailment
I'd rather be orphaned forever to loneliness
Than hear the lying words you spit to hide your shame

By blood I'm your family
But in my face you selfishly scream
I want it all, desire your whole
Toss in my face your actions of villainy
And I begin to feel complete in my self given name
Inside I want to abandon the ties that bind
To defy the lies you use to justify your pride
Until at the gates of heaven you'll be hell claimed

Its so clear I see the evidence
To self discipline I should have been wed
Like a lover I should not fear
In her everlasting arms I should have stayed
Like wisdom her touch to my heart is violent at first
But she changes my soul and now I proclaim
To discipline should I have forever remained
Now she professes love upon my eternal name

I saw the bar scene before me drift away
Might have been a pill in the drink you gave
Dethrone the innocence of my body
Rape me through my undergarments
And drink dry the well of my soul
Try to draw me in closer before I wake
While in my drugged up heart my consciousness quakes
Inside I drift away towards the words she would say

Its so clear I see the evidence
To self discipline I should have been wed
Like a lover I should not fear
In her everlasting arms I should have stayed
Like wisdom her touch to my heart is violent at first
But she changes my soul and now I proclaim
To discipline should I have forever remained
Now she professes love upon my eternal name

My uncle rolled away
When he was done with me
Just like he had done with cousin David
Before he claimed his own life
His death in time stole the memory of his name
Just as you did before I imagine David as I hit the floor
Your monstrous silhouette hides my shame
In the shadows as it hit my wall
I was a child when he stole the innocence
My wife should have claimed

Mother saw you light the torch
To hide your fears and bury my remains
Light me on fire and hide the evidence
Proof of all that you might hide
Lies in my shallow dirt grave

It seems like your evil fulfills prophecy
You justify villainy with holy pride
Hide behind a mask of duality for church on Sunday
By blood your my family but you overdosed me on Ritalin
As a result in manhood I can barely call you by name

I fear you all because of judgments
By your self proclaimed holiness you've made
Its clear I must drift away and refrain
From bearing the truth in screams back in your face

My wife now lights the torch
A ceremony to incinerate my remains
And with my body should die your fears
Of all the truth about you in life I should have proclaimed
Her tears flood over at my untimely decaying from this life
The plot thickens as her resolve stands in love to give
Walking to the pulpit to speak a eulogy giving clearance to my name
Welcome to the real funeral my family both to your dreams of heaven
And to end the lies you hoped would be buried with my remains

Its so clear I see the evidence
To self discipline I should have been wed
Before I found my true lover
I stand before her open bear with nothing to hide
In her everlasting arms I shall stay
Like a violent hurricane her touch speaks to the soul in me
And thus changes the way I see everything
To her in discipline I shall forever remain

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Compose a picture
With open words beyond greed
Of a world that for one day
Will just a smidgen beyond ok
Now take a walk with me

It'll be a while
I need to fly away to think
Through the ties you bound me with
Turn around the weakness in your head
Witness the energy of the Christs
Or someone more real speaking
Imploding inside the entity
Bound by name as the vastness of we

Are you the one
On the conquest of blinding we
The grand entity
Hidden in labels now to grant immunity
To hide the consciousness of morality
In the obvious comfort breaking images
We now call art, found all over TV

Jesus the Christ running ahead
I think we can finally see
Beyond the images blinding the we
Whats been for so long clouded
By the eclipsing light of the sun
Blue skies beyond
As we turn our heads from whats behind

Kill the censor end up dead
I summon the energy of the we
Entity of finality soon we'll be ending
Hate is to wake up
Tear a fucking piece out of me
These words spoken to dismantle
The illusions swimming in our heads

There is no me only the entity of we
Fuck the delusion that your hatred is for me
You don't even know what you really need
Put your face up to the window
Peer in and indeed dream of a new reality
To which you'll wake up and feel happy
Granted all your shit will have been free
So your will of energy will crying in vain
Welcome to the community reality of we
Where your dreams are your truest yet unknown needs

Love to hate me
See the labels blitz inside your head
Open them up by means of words
The Jesus' of Christs run ahead of us
Monks and poets paint pictures of us innerly free
Providing nothing you ever daydreamed
Turn around your fucking heads
Heed the summons or wake up dead
This is the reality of your deepest needs
By your own will never being met

I am the one to wake you
Not a book with pilgrims on an epic quest
This is the summons to listen, read, or see
The conquest of your own will against the new entity
We self seekingly desire to be free from the created
Lusts we desire to be, so call them needs
To be accepted for what we've created ourselves to be
Never living or breathing what we really needed
Face the future of truth
Its your inner self you've always hated
The passion of hiding it
Keeping it isolated in chains never to be free

Sunday, November 23, 2008

17 Ways of Suicide on Sunday

Welcome to the end
Of my life time I've chosen to die
Seventeen ways on Sunday I'm going to find
This is the last time I'll write
About my own suicide...

I could step out into traffic
As in my soul I create a new rhyme
I know God's got an open mind
I could spend some time
With Mrs. Henderson's dog, she calls "death"
Whose always desired to eat my fingers

17 ways to suicide on Sunday
Planned so far about 13 or so
Lets randomly pick and try one
In hopes that this Sunday I'll die

Its no longer my wish to exist
I could bleed out from being stoned
In a 3rd world country for having faith
Now in that death there is a lesson to learn
But still my lie behind its message
That I only seeking to die

I could walk out into a large ocean swell
Abandon the reason's of love to search for hell
And when I proclaim with loud words my death
The only statement you make is the question why
Weak in the knees I degrade to sitting stance
And there upon resting find heaven at last
In the while light that met me
As the overdose took hold my mind

17 ways to suicide on Sunday
Planned so far about 13 or so
Lets randomly pick and try one
In hopes that this Sunday I'll die

A victim of uneternal grace
Because by my own hands my face got fried
I lit the candle and doused the gasoline
In this short depressing lifetime I'm so impressed
With the shit we put each other proudly through
With justifications with hateful words
Your more holy and I'm unlovable for you
So end it all again with angry words
Or a simple middle finger raised
As your last act of defiance in my face

I bid you farewell all who exist in this life
Until we meet again my words are with you
Don't search through my past to find whats true
I'm dead and gone now in my lyrics find me
You can't take my vacant hand and guide me through
I was always lost and waiting for you to come my way
And guide me through my hollow times

17 ways to suicide on Sunday
Planned so far about 13 or so
Lets randomly pick and try one
In hopes that this Sunday I'll die

Laughing amongst the tears as you cry
The venomous touch of the black widow
I bought from a pet shop and freed from her cage
You kissed my forehead and blessed me goodbye
As you closed the back door and drove away for the last time

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carve a Circle

In my flesh carve a circle
Watch it bleed as it brings hell to life
I desire myself to die
Gouge out my soul
Not a tear shed do I cry

This is the future I'm living for
The fucked up day dream
Of a life never wanted
So I can take back the emotions
Of everyone's betrayal from me

This is my tomorrow
Stand back and watch it fall
Behind a microphone I'm already gone
This life I never wanted
The feelings of unsatisfied friends
Label me shit who watched me fall into oblivion
I confess my years are spent as a slave
To the lust of hatred for your fall

This is the future
The bitch of self in my mind
Thanks for the fucking sacrifice
Of a kind word or caring touch
This is the future I never wanted
But now I lust for the anger
Thanks for everything you've given me

Fuck your faulty beliefs
And broken trigger creating a delusional reality
For my tomorrow will soon be gone
No family member of fiend will I live for
I don't care about their convinced selfish so called love
Nothing not even comfort would they sacrifice
They want to go back to the womb
The ultimate comfort from whence they came
I assure you I'd rather die
Than live with out the anger you gave me
Sit back now after reading
And cry

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Old fRiend(s)

Dear old fiend(s)
You've left me naked and numb
Now that you've pillaged me and gone
You lay with me then up and left
Leaving me feeling raped here now alone

Here without you now I can finally stand
The shock you left me in kept me still
Like a localized disease in my aching chest
All the emotions you ever gave me were wrong
Sorrow bound in hatred ate a love for you all
I'm so fucking happy your gone

Dear old fiend(s)
I fell down in anger
As you dealt me infinite verbal blows
To leave on evil adventures you did go
I hope your happy now that my morality is gone
Dear old fiend(s)
I'm so fucking glad your gone
Inside me I can finally feel
Like your hands are off my chest
As chains binding me
Dear old fiend(s).....

I heard you inhale a deep breath
Beyond the door past the window
Where I lay hidden and finally defeated
Dear old fiend(s) you've finally won
I commit my soul to the depths
A battle long ago undone
To the shocking horror that claims me still
A suicide of consciousness
From your everlasting betrayal
Dawn of my everyday force fed pill
Later on you'll come back
I hope these words pillage your minds
As your actions did my will

Dear old fiend(s)
You ate my faith
The weak hope is forever gone
No searching will bring it back again
Your tomorrow may come
But I'll stand back and watch you fall
I'm devoid of caring now
The monster you created
Is now a slave to anti-trust everyone
Who will never allow to take me back
To your yesterdays of ultimate betrayal
Fuck you leave me here alone

Dear old fiend(s)
Fuck you now that your gone
I hated every moment with you
The emotions of anger as you betrayed me
You bend the lines of right and wrong
And because of you I'll never trust again
Thanks so much for tearing my soul out of my fucking chest
I hope your happy now, with your wives and children
Dreaming of better days I'll always be
When people like you don't force fuck people over like me
Your conscious betrayal left me quaking in the knees
I hope someday to stand
But trust again I'll never do
Thanks so much my teenage fucking f(r)iends
I'm so glad your all dead to me and gone

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tolerance the TV Day Dream

Even sober now
The tolerance will be born again
There is no justice for the slaves we employ
Beneath the blackened wings of the Capitalist's lie
Fascism will be so easily born again
To appease the multitudes in screaming masses
Seeking vengeance for children lost for a hallow cause
By massive vigilant means disabling the Tolerance built by TV
Welcome to the next generation of Fuck you
As the proletariat and slave labor starving world
Come to pass judgment upon our ignorant self seeking souls
And the day dream justice we conformed to

No one will live through this fight
World wide equality dream will never die
Conform you all to the will against humanity
And become so willingly undone
Or regret all our past pleasures
In the pursuit of TVs day dreaming inner peace

Somewhere along the way
We've forgot how heroes have come to be
Instead day dreaming and watching on TV
There is no accountability for equal rights
Only the amendment of freedom to garbage speeches
To fight amongst the proletarians for a selfish justice
Watching as capitalism conforms your meaningless wills
That only a heartless hollow soul would call a life
Seek your inner peace in a book or TV or possibly sociality
Eventually you'll forget these words and conform once again
To the sleepy visions of a half eye closed day dream destiny

No one lives outside day dreams tonight
Injustice for all but us is our God given right
Forget while fucking the world backside over is our plight
The plague of insane abdication of human rights
Plow the death bed smuggling capitalist CIA systems
On its over budget under paid airport express way
Fuck the tolerance on TV that your minds come from
Push the boundaries of so called industry standard art
In pursuit of a bigger contract and a 15 minute spotlight
(on fucking TV)
We are the kind of humanity who hear the tortured voice calling
And turn a blind eye believing someday someone else will come

Follow my wishing ways into the dawn of a new sun
See the capitalist bourgeoisie pigs voting system decline
As we the people desire a new frame of mind
Devoid of meaning as we the people decide to become one
Humanity isn't a color or creed
Its the dignity inside to overcome injustice
To find inner peace in defiance of hatred crimes
On the world's other side and your back yard when it comes
To be human consciously is our commonality
Rise for them all tear away the vacant day dream
Live the reality of equality and feel alive

Remember the famous wise words
The less riches you strive for
The less you will cause others to suffer
Inner peace is a wish not even the God can't offer
Until the sun changes course
And we begin to live for one another

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Collapse

Complicated existence in which breaths lies
A future foretold from heavenly bold outlines
Screaming 'if I were you'..... I'd break upon you all
I can't remember for the life of me
The words of truth revealed
Now by science are controlled inconsistencies
Rumors of theories bound by deep subconscious hate

I desire my own collapse
I won't defend myself
Please enslave off my hands
Plague out my unlit eyes
As I await my own desperate demise
In this time when no hope remains

I rejoice as the wounds relapse
Blood flows anew into open diseased oblivion
I forget the chosen saving words
I collapse at the solitude of infected impasse
Of time where I truly began and my desire took an end

Please steal my violent hands
Defile my bleeding ears
Stomp out my vacant eyes
Radio edit my tone def voice
But beware my evil smile
It will exist always in your mind
Each day you wake it will greet you

Wash me away
To sink into hopeless death
The Christ fucked me over
Rejoicing at my souls hunting down
Left alone to choose without a map
Or a light left to show the way
Evil labels of society
Constantly torment the lidless eye
Behind my venomously swollen mind

No bandages left to apply
Open wounds fester in the sun
Alone without the great companion
To acknowledge my pain
Or guide my disillusioned way
Meandering aimlessly
Now you watch me as I suffer

But then I came unto here
And saw anew my blackened heart
With no hope given or left in association
All my labels as disclaimers fell away
Now I turn the tables on my own grave
The purifying means are in my own hands
As God's sits enthroned and laughs beyond time

Today I realized my desire for stability in security
Exists to break my will into unchanging conformity
And create a recycled vision of an empty destiny
Soon I'll choose to turn away into my own hopeless future
A chosen destiny from my soul's last passionate wish
If God exists my will is the right way
To see my life lived solo without the great companion
Alone with myself
My heart
To break my own dismay
I remember now these words

"When your energy is by all finally broken
Sink to your knees in solitude.... meditate or pray"
And when I wake I will conform my dreams
To that destiny of the God's endless endurance
My will has no place in labels that made the rest of you
My fools hope is to sink
Into the realm of history with every trace
As the guy who fought for equality
For all to see, live, and embrace
Against the damage of structured madness
Welcome to the death of my soul

Monday, October 13, 2008


Forget these words
Run ahead
Into the hour of defiance
Against the beuatiful blue sky
Run away into torment
The darkness of this world
Torment in your mind
Forms itself again

Forget the paintings
The beauty of nature around you
Plunge the future forward faster
Into the darkness of living to die
Purge all beauty of identity
No one will ever again have a purpose
We will all die
Hideous and deformed
None of us will or could ever walk away
There is no more victory for kindness
Virtue has been killed by corporate affiliates
So easily we forget the beauty
Of what now will never come

Forget corporate whoring management
Their unwisely investing
For an unstable global reality
Swallowing nature for equity
Life based in tragic conformity
To a future eating itself
When will we notice the beauty
That our secure utopia of stability will never come

All love has lost its purpose
Equality is now a delirium
Where no one will ever again dwell
So just forget love
Toss it into the depths of hell
Forget all poetry
Fuck words of natural beauty
Magazines will silently approve new imagery
Subconsciously deforming your memory
You'll soon never remember
The destiny into life for which you have come

Fuck ignorant conformity
Fuck magazine beauty
Fuck state-media equality
And fuck the whor-able labels in your mind
From images on TV

Just forget me
Forget life's purpose
Forget a destiny
You were just dreaming
Just forget every part of me
Soon you'll realize your predestined future
From your beliefs will never come

Children of the Black Tide

Mortified as we continue to stand by
I saw them die choking beneath the full moon
Children petrified from engine oil and coal soot
We abide on the side of an gas burning time
While the children mummify
In their mother's arms
At her fatherless bed side

Work tools in hand
Slave masters whipless crack on demand
Weather rusted work tools in hand
Will eventually command their own death
Their own death ...Rawh!

Sniffles from our spreading sickness
Whilst wrapped to her mother's chest
Embraced by family living in a dunguen
Where oil is uncleanable from our created mess
Starving and suffocated by our malicious self intent
Children dying caught in the never ending nets
Of our mass murdering self blindeddebt

Child rest your weary oil filled head
Your almost gone yet lingering on the verge of death
With minor infected workplace lacerations
A multi-cultural deadly toxic combination

Black tide
Spreading oil over the burning of lives
Children lost for our sociatal costs
Stable economy for ourselves above all
Welcome the rip-tide
Claiming mineral richness
In exchange for 3rd world life

Children of the black tide
Welcome to our sick fucking ride
Inaudible red lips constantly licked cry
Invisible wounds infect your insides
Children of the black tide
Welcome to everlasting slavery
For all of your short life time

Beautiful wasted life
That no eyes will ever see
Is our society
Afflicions upon others
We breed

Black tide rip the children from our souls
We seek vengance against the digging
But our enemy is deep inside the dust
Or is it the ignorant west so desperate to fill its lust
Embrace the black tide
Urban calamity how unatural is our forced ending
Our blue screen infection spreading fatal error
Welcome the black tide
Our wide spread unrelenting terror

A gruesome daily ignored picture
Of our rich destructively unnatural nature
Lustfully setup to decompose the past
We aren't ashamed of due to our disclaimer
"Shade your eyes block out the truth, cover it with ignorance and lies"
Grossly exploiting the poor
Our greed responsible for its creation
Welcome to the past the black tide
Of rich imposing death as a coverup resolution

Beautiful wasted life
That no eyes will ever see
Is our society
Afflicions upon others
We breed

Children of the black tide
Welcome to our sick fucking ride
Inaudible red lips constantly licked cry
Invisible wounds infect your insides
Children of the black tide
Welcome to everlasting slavery
For all of your short life time

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Wounds

I didn't recognize
The illegitimate love
Hidden deep behind your starlit eyes
Now you hold me ransom by a vow
Standing still tormented by visions
You have no desire to know who I am
To keep me yours you'd lie
Straight into the depths of my soul

This vow will be my demise
It keeps my soul and destiny apart
It binds me to a being of unbalance
Not interested in who I want to be
I find myself alone in a perilous time
My skin is bound forever to betrayal
While my spirit seeks repair

You let his hands touch your soul
His lips now know your hidden moles
I was a fool to speak loving words unto your face
Now I day dream of him calling out your name
It fucks with my harmony of mind
Hearing you scream out as he penetrates to fuck out

Tragic crime you were the villain this whole time
Fuck you and your new friend spooning behind you
Fuck your justifiable life defining moments
Fuck yourself a new seduced slave
I'm not falling into your corroding sea of your lies
Your acidic breath creeps in and I begin to weaken
The venom beacons me to cum
But I'd avoid you now forever
Even if I have to begin by betraying angels
I won't speak love unto you
I have no more interest in revolting
Against my inner self

I stand here on the edge of insanity
Viewing these images acts of seduction
Dragged through a millions miles of hell
In my mind I harbour disgrace beyond measurement
I desire a time of infinite isolation
To help recover from this mourning of my bereavement

I just want my past to be washed away
Everything you threw against me
I see you've summoned your will to betray me once again
Someday maybe I'll start to live once more
Learning from viewing this horrifying time
Over and over again in my soul's now consciouse mind

I'm falling away into the grave
And I rather like the view
Fuck myself a new revelation
As I from wounds destruct

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fear Machinery

All free will surrendered and gone
To my labeled unholy knowledge
The ancient tactics of fear
Were silently unleashed upon you
Broadcast from machines that whither away
The imaginative dreams of your soul

Fear machinery

It is the unharmonic structure

Against mother nature's peace

It is the death of us all

The ancient newly formatted machinery

Fear so cleanly broadcast from a media center

Fear machinery on the Radio or TV

Welcome the the age of deadly fear machinery
Where your will is its energy
Forcing your freedom into its open mouth grave
The media crafted words to fuel its systems
Dictated by those face down in government office
Pushing buttons to grant fear access
To a new age beginning the end of salvation
The rich man is now the social west
There is no pin hole for us to fit in

My own soul condemned
By those who like ants breath conformity
Realise you are the beginning and end
All along your fear structured society
Was the death and dream of the 3rd world's hope

Entertained by its visual madness
From this fear machinery comes your comfort
Your dreams forced like pills into open mouth graves
Welcome to the everlasting night
Your willing freedom sacrifice fuels the system

Fear machinery
It is the unharmonic structure
Against mother nature's peace
It is the death of us all
The ancient newly formated machinery
Fear so cleanly broadcast from a media center
Fear machinery on the Radio or TV

All hope died in your sleep
You gave it up with the passage of time
Before you could wake the fear took you
Into the everlasting invention
Our wills were gripped as one we came undone

The Red River

I see the stars fly by

As the clouds separate for me

On my way home

Opening my eyes

I stair into the light from a midnight sky

Above the cities and strongholds

I asked myself the meaning of being

No one can tell me.... how or why

You'll simply have to remain alive

I'd follow the red river against the pier pressure

Until I reached its unbridled raging oceanic end

Left and around a bend to view its insanity

Opinionated waives claim the weakened

Ensuring our time will be wasted

While we search for ourselves

In the casualties amongst the ships wreckage

The storm we've created will never be over

Their lives are so easily wasted

Right out in the open

An over easily looked point of unclear view

So come with me

Lets follow this river of red

Soon you'll come to see its beauty

Their blood for your pleasures bled

The end, a vast expanse of ocean opens

A sea of hell, were children sit upon the shore

As we sit idly by and watch as their lives bleed in

To the everlasting river of disgraced red

The formation of tormenting viole(n)t waves

They fulfill our pleasures with their lives

They are our gallant heroes

Sitting astride our mighty death steeds

While the galloping tears their flesh from bone

And like ghosts without names to us they become

They arrive in vacant guilt lead conversations

That like our dreams never appear

There is nothing we won't let go
No shelter were we will spend our precious time
Leave the weakened 3rd world civilians behind
Follow the path of blaming others to its bitter end
In this way we'll find our past reoccurring forever
We've left wisdom above all so far and unlearned behind
Seeking the red rivers bloody end

Building its waters day and night

Unforeseen it ripped into your mind

A peaceful forever new tide pool view

Came piercing cleanly through

All the various colors of skin

Are more than just by your label 'all right'

Equality is broken in the mentality of the host

An invented costs

They won't dare approach or let go

There is no future for them

Ditch them into the oblivion road side

Spend less time worrying about the rivers ever lasting decent

And seek a selfish future in the moment

Claim your right to know the pleasures

Forsaking to help children of the world

Your family f(r)iends forgot

Follow this path to its end

Then you'll see true pleasures

Don't cause the creation of world starvation

And the everlasting bloody river of red

So come with me

Lets follow this river of red

Soon you'll come to see its beauty

Their blood for your pleasures bled

Friday, October 10, 2008

God Test

I gave up everything
To find my consciousness whole
The God test broke the mold
I alone can make sense of who I am
No past emotional memory can tell me
I had to loose it all to hear myself
In amongst the treachery of inaudible noise
Speak in peace my own unholy name

I past the God Test
My breath is my own energy
Pieces of my soul in my will enable
My hands to grasp dreams so very vast
The destiny of biblical equality
You'll never be interested to see
Each day between all men breathed

I no longer want to hear God
Please no one call me a child of His name
I want to pass the God test
To find myself living my soul's dreams
I don't care for what you'll have to say
After you spoke so many times your condemnation
Backed by your selective Biblical texts
So many times against my destiny

You will never be free
Mentally blocked by passages
Filling your minds with greed
Visions of gold and mansions that aren't real
These words are the lie with everything to hide
They were chosen to trap fairness inside
This is how the KKK and slavery came to bear
From unconfirmed visions and books
That prophets like whores raped the holy light
To bring fear and control from the written text

I past the God Test
I'm breathing my own energy
The pieces of my soul in my will enabled
My dreams are vast and desire me to grasp
The destiny of biblical equality
You'll never be interested to see
Each day between all men breathed

Which so easily you should see
This evil ignorant mentality
Bound so easily from birth three fold in thee
The still sleeping Sunday going church-E
To which I raise my middle finger
To provoke you all to question what is right

With raised voices and Biblical text
You condemned to gain my conformity
But the holy book doesn't omit words
To meet your version of god or enable your control

When you see your own face
Do you know your really you
Are you who you think you are
Or are you a puppet of manipulation
From the front of the auditorium
And methods of simple subliminal control
So easily you follow a ransomed morsal soul
Will you blend in like text without meaning

Your close minded perception
Of words never consciously heard
Just like you read words written on a public toilet room wall
Or take a stand for your destiny may be at hand

I past the God Test
I'm breathing my own energy
My will under my mental control
My dreams consciously sought to be whole
The destiny of biblical equality
You'll never be interested to see
Each day between all men breathed

I, the Condemned

I am the condemned
Embraced in acceptance by none
My family desires my last breath
The claim of love upon me
Is for their broken memories
Of who I've never been

To become conformity
And never again be whole
Or deny my past emotional attachments
And possibly break my own soul
No one will never again call my name
Or ever find my handsome soul
Maybe once more just to call me a whore-able human
Fucked in the head, hope I'm dying on some bed

By my family condemned
I am thier evil in the closet
Too close to in total flames
To embrace a self conformist suicide end
If they only knew
Or had interest in me
They'd rather throw my whole life away
Pictures and memories into the trash
Just like my condemned soul to decay

I am the condemned
Too enthralled with dreams
To embrace a medicated suicide end
A destiny in place should I have courage to grasp
But I must hear my own muddled words
My family got me put in a phyc-ward first
And now I call my own peaceful name repeatedly
I'm finally out and conform to thier every whim

I am the condemned
I no longer have a face
Only memories set in my destiny's place
I am mentaly in pieces
Setup by my family's boughten control
Never again will I be the condemned by them
At least thats fucking over
Now I guess I'll crawl into my padded cell
Where ever my waking dreams will well
While my consciousness exists
In a fucking drugged up force fed medicated hell


If I were truly me
I'd hate myself
For 24 years of conformity
To a fucked up suburban destiny

I want to be washed away
Into the open sea without a trace

Soul torn against myself in duality
Constantly my consciousness is under the surface
Churning as a child's unborn breathing
Existence is not quite mine yet

Glorify the unending dreams
Of sinking into society's stable hopes
Stepping into oblivion conformity
No destiny no story nothing left to trace

This is my final vow
I swear I'll turn away in disgrace
To break the unimaginative mold
My only hope is to embrace time
Which means I must change

I want to be washed away
Into the open sea without a trace
Soul torn against myself in duality
Constantly my consciousness is under the surface
Churning as a child's unborn breathing
Existence is not quite mine yet

And then I'll come back

With extreme compassion

And charred breath I'll great you

Await my return from hell

On the greatest solo adventure

I delved into my unrepentant destiny

With only a fools hope

That any shred of me will remain

I came back truly me

Hating more myself

For 10 years of loneliness

Left all desire for acceptance behind

Conqured that fucked up suburban destiny

Piece by piece I reformed myself with timeless glue

Who I was and have become should you look twice

You'd never have a clue

Becuase you'll realize the me I was you never really knew

Beautiful adventure of misery I embrace my tragic destiny

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Suburban Destiny

Unified unconformity
We can't all be the same
Embrace the reality of time
Which means you must change

As God's reflection
Ditch the comfortable ride
I hate the things I see
Conformity to whats on TV
A desire for things that deny isonomy
That as one bind you'll never see
And keep your soul buried deep
Embed in Satan's suburban destiny

Your children will betray you in its name
For just one minute for the label of fame
The media told them hollywood equals acceptance
The one thing a parent always claim
But you deny them the most basic interest
Soon they'll reach for the door go looking
For the suburban destiny you imbued

You wonn't ever wake to see
Your living blind in suburban conformity
In days of mourning you might see the signs
On rare occasions when you begin to deeply feel
Until there is interest on your side
I'll just have to extol the changing
That comes with embracing time

A grand white picket fence suburban destiny
Only enough time to fill the simplest quota
Two cars 2.5 kids and a half stable career
Embrace the toxic mindset to forget your woes
And the next 25 years of slavery
To appease a suburban dream
Driven by a collective fear
That you could have or ever been something more

A selfsish suburban destiny
Brings conformity to the most selfish quialites
Swallowed so long ago the total social pill
A balancing act you'll never fulfill
Look again at the table and take the blue pill

Welcome to ground zero
A new nuclear halacuast dimension
Where a toxic equality is our reality
Breath the air of everlasting suburban impurity
Turn back to nature's weakened revolution
Eclipse society's hate in her peaceful vines
Let the anti-suburban future begin
Global warming's affects are not a figmant of your mind
You've trapped the right choices deep inside

Afraid of the hidden matrix mindset

Avoid the blue pill and the fear of becoming more

Abandon all momentum bind your hands with weakness

And leave your dreams for the everlasting slavery

of a Monday to Friday suburban destiny

Watch as I approach the throne
The establishment where the pills begin
Leaders of our time honor qualities of control
They put our future and voices on hold
To grasp at a conglamorate corporate equality

Build upon our backs thier riches through our taxes
Welcome to a suburban fearful landscape of slavery
Soon it will cover every media state and our minds
Fear is not a new invention
It spans the gulf of time
Take up your vocal arms
Demonstrate our ancient equality designs
And leave the suburban slavery destiny behind

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So easily a stranger
Standing firm in equality and love
Found a way into my heart
A mother she might forever be
I know in her reality she accepts me

I go numb as she sings her uplifting words
My knees begin to sink the earth
Again her words raise my moral
Each time I begin to fall

So God bless her whole life
And anyone who touched her soul
For the hope through tears and joy
She granted unto us

I go numb as the tears swell in my eyes
As she sings a loving punishment lullaby
My knees begin to sink the earth
And I begin to cry as I learn to live my life
Again her words eclipse the darkness
Like the sun from her beautiful heart
Each time I begin to fall
She adapts to fulfill our needs

Her strength to persevere
Is so strange and marvelous to us
Its not an easy lullaby to sing
Her life breathed out upon us
We are the children of acceptance
Only by our own unequal treatment of others
Will she allow us to be blown away

So God bless her whole life
And anyone who touched her soul
For the hope through tears and joy
She granted unto us

Monday, October 6, 2008

No Reason is my Treason

The reason I remain this way
Is enable you to see the beauty in me
But the truth is sadly hard to admit
I'm really just trying to change you
Against all odds I should just let you go

I don't really love but I do truly know
I semi-despise 85% of your whole soul
But you empowered me by means of rage
To endure a future reign of myself in pain

I wish you weren't my vowed one
I could so easily pillage your faith
Deconstruction of yourself into days of the new
Built up in a realm of self pity and shame
With eyes to see how meaningless you are to me
Like the love you once claimed to believe
But couldn't live towards anyone even me

You stole my tragic love
And bread my desire for isolation
From your ever apparent lack of balance
With a false disclaimer of ignorance vowed
To obediently follow pulpit bound superiors
In the end you'll call me your greatest sin
Amongst your hatred I'm at peace within

Your every lack of reason equates to treason
I can't remember love for any sight of you
My heart is estranged vacant and gray
Our story should have ended years ago
Before this hatred reign became our tragic life flow

Forget your vows and become a selfish hero of fate
For yourself and those who beg to touch you
A dream filled destiny is your tomorrow
If you can breath through the pain of today


I wish you weren't my blood
Then with my excellent words I'd pillage
Deconstruct your fiend like deformity
Your pity for my hurt is my shame
My situation you created
But you gave me the blame

Blood abandoned me so long ago
Terror fiends spit their selfish feelings into my soul
They desire my flesh to cherish ancient memories
Of hugs and kisses I've forgotten long ago
I can live each day without their vacant light
Save thy breath I hate your souls too much

If you ever loved me beyond feelings
I don't desire your telling me tomorrow
You drown my heart against caring anymore
When you sold my soul to save comfortable self
You drank my love and like blood spat me into a vacant well

Selfishness is a camouflage
For the rage and hurt within
Run away into pungent fiction reality
Display the feelings your eyes raped me with
Humble my hate into a well or perseverance set you against
I'll break myself upon the walls of feelings attached to blood
Angels bound in strangers showed love to me
Like you a fiend family never did and won't ever know

Blood abandoned me so long ago
Terror fiends spit their selfish feelings into my soul
They desire my flesh to cherish ancient memories
Of hugs and kisses I've forgotten long ago
I can live each day without their vacant light
Save thy breath I hate your souls too much

Your passionate intolerance suffocated my smile
Bury all your secrets within my decaying skin
Remember the curses you imbued deep in me
Like demons with angelic names you call me home
Your dark tainted blood desires my control
With Biblical words you claim I should obey
In the mourning I could see the rape of equality
Your ignorance created and your lies tried to hide
Don't worry I was embittered from you long ago
Betraying verses to fit your ignorant bloodhood claims
Demonic eyes spoke of my unholy overthrow
Energy against your dark brooding from me was enough
With my banishment I took your ignorance onto death row
Your faced now with choice the reign of freedom pains
Or selling every truth and everyone out to remain unchanged

Your history won't repeat itself with me
All your ignorance, secrets, and curses
Will enter the tragic oblivion with you
As I speak light against your life of dark
I know what it is I am trying to find
Its the everlasting equality breathed like love
Out from the centerfold of perfection in my mind

My love for your was tarnished so long ago
If you claim any love for me
Best for tomorrow just let me go

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fists of Submission

I love the revolution
Of our near sighted future
The past brought to us into visions of hate
Verbalized fear words building terror
From censored state pictures

No time to regenerate
Forced into a hallow metallic grave
Our hope died with a broadcast
A vision of silent obedient consent
It fuels the democratic system
That demands we abdicate free will

Anything that died must rise
Beyond the passage of time
We are not bound to this conscious hell
Recognize the fear toggled on both sides
before its too late and we've give in to their passing bills
In the end our silence was the end of our freedom

Fists risen against submission
Fasting with beautiful ethical reasons
Obtaining attention on a political date
While a manifesto of lies blisters with hate
Duality of principles begin to mentally infuriate
Allowing my soul's demensions to diteriorate

Your Anger desires my normality
My infinite anomally denied
I become a FB, TV crack whore
Brain fried from lack of interest in my own life
Don't acknowledge my personal identity
Normalicy is an all too frequented mental state
Killing off the last dream of our soul's destiny

Lilith to Orthus

Voice from an angelic demon's throat
A sermon of beautiful holy words
She adapts her nouns to please our eyes
Welcome Lilith the most spectacular angelic lie
A vocal adaptation of verbs to coincide
To place herself the victim in your mind

Lilith feeds our souls to Orthus
2nd Leutenant to his brother Cerberus
Serve us with words of sweet nothings
Quicken my soul into Hades undertow
On a silver platter into the mouth of Hell

Lilith come back please
Bear me forth giants and demons
To carve anew this destitute culture
Then blame depart from self to me
Crave a future reality where no men can hide
Responsibility for their own consciousness
Totat ignorance they can no longer deny
In a comfortable choice a total depravity lie
Don't begin to swim embrace the terror torrent
Your weak character against inferno's undertow

His terror puts our backs against the shore
Swells from open oceans where we as lemmings die
Or the mouth of horror where satan lies in wait
An ancient choice we for too long ignored

Don't tell my soul
Where its destined to end
The more you spit forth
The less I seem to know
Embracing charity ignorance
I see you greet each new day
Don't worry its another perfect ten
Until my reality in death caves in

Into an inferno we can't escape
It adapts to swallow
Our simple self souls design
Finding us amongst a cheap reality
Where we embrace a seemingly beautiful face
Lilith's kisses of comfort entise
Breath life into ancient terrors from our past
We deny these secrets to create a mask
Keep our subconscious alternate reality
Oh so peach-e fucking keen

The more she speaks
The less we come to know

She lies down and plays the victim
Claiming your soul to be a ghost
Nothing more than mere myst
Until your consciousness if far away
Into the depths of Hades we go
She'll feed us to Orthus
Leutanient to his ancient brother
Mind as well jump into his throat
In the mouth of Cerberus
We might finally see clearly

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eternal Fury

Won't give up anything for the rest
Conform to society and break bullshit equality
Embrace an eternity of material wealth
You've got that impending hateful heart
Beating furiously inside your chest

Don't you feel any shame
Angels like demons strive to let you know
But your mind is too closed to ever grow
Deliver yourself into your inner rage
Fulfill your destiny of hate

You say you know how to fight
But your love just isn't very clear
Equal treatment for your lover isn't love
The order of equality is bound up inside
Deep in the swelling motion
Lingering thought you have at the well of hate
My love and image you tarnished long ago
In order to find equality you'll have to surrender
Make the choice at the apex moment
Between possessions and the mouth of Cerberus
Or the children who slave to make all you own
I gave up my material dreams to find shame
I tore my life apart deconstruction of myself
What I found was my own hero I'd love to grasp at
To find equality in melting your society away

Lets find an anti-isolation equality dream
Until this war is over I won't fuck myself over today
I beg you burn my life away or let me stay
I won't be your subordinate hero to lose myself again
Uniform unconformity is in my vision
Its not a consolation price or a lie
You cannot deny this society's reality can't be justified
Its time for Absolution lets make the right choice

Into the mouth of Cerberus
With all we own in tow
We made the children across the seas our slaves
Because we wanted more to call our own
The rich man through the needles eye
Is soon to be a reality consistent with your lies
This isn't about numbers of dollars and change
Its about your mentality towards your fucking shit
The material bullshit you call possessions and stuff

Fill your homes with ancient pictures
But don't learn their lessons
You'll have to give up your so called peace
In your social tomorrow to find equality today
Its a battle fought between yourself and family
But its worth it all at the end of that 3rd world child's day
Instead of slaving they got to educate their minds

You bless the future with your 30$ a month gift
Believe yourself at peace but you know the inner lie
You know the question you'll never ask yourself
What would Equality lived and breathed do
You've let this possession's bound societal lie build
Deep inside you desire its comfortable feelings
But soon you'll be in the mouth of Cerberus
With all your stuff at your side
They didn't save you
But they allowed you to be first in line
At least in your minds eye

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I wish my brother had died
So I could know the feelings of pain
To help me identify to aid you all
I wish my grandfather hadn't of past away
I hate the feelings of desiring such pains
It brings my whole being into a realm of shame
For speaking such a wish for my own unselfish name

Fuck your mass consumption
As you run into a delusion of less pain
Instead let the lyrics of music help you sway
Become alive feel the air your breathing
Savor the tears you should be crying
We all want to see the real unbridled you

Now I sit in sleepless night
While tears scream down from my eyes
No one to catch me when I'm on the verge
Ready to burst forth into a true adventure and die
There is no acceptance on earth only death
For those who exist to dream like we do

Fuck the cob-webs of spider like silence
Dancing with fancy riddles of pleasure
I'm sorry to say its just regret of zombies
Speaking fairy tales of dies into your head
Blood stained roses are a pungent sign
That your frustrated life long ago should have past on

Run into addictions to feel a secure acceptance
The delusional image escapes your breath with that hug
Into a world of pain will your mind be swept away
The lyrics of all time allow your soul to sway within
Awake to feel alive grasp the meaning of air in your lungs
Savor the tears your eyes should be crying
We all want to see ourselves fly with infinite wings

But I want to blow that image away
Screaming unending meaningless lyrics
As I run down the infinite hallways of life
Spare me from a vast wasted lifetime
Walk up behind me and blow away my mind

Fuck the vacant daydreams that keep you actionless
Dance like conformists on a vacant social stage
No artistic freedom and the higher ups deny you fair wage
Jump when the high rollers wants to see something
Stand aside and abide your never to come time
Because you lack the will to take any sort of action

Fear Me Pageant Beauty

Premade personality templates
Storm the stage in bikinis as they waves
The ignorant father claps with pride
As his pageant beauty passes by

So the world shall fear me
Light funeral pyres in my heart
They hate the uniqueness of my flesh
Breeding the silence in my mind

Wish I could be there or watch it on TV
But the viewing could kill me
The mundane repetition of answers
Breathed forth from ugly mental silence
They are all the same but don't support equality
All princesses bread for crowning
Or the depression of loss
In believing the ignorant words
Of their supporters treachery

In the baby Jesus there is no tomorrow
You can breath grand mistakes
But not like death we gave the Christ
We broke and raped the flesh
Of a normal man's prophetic life
In a baby still called Jesus
There is no tomorrow

The world should fear me
The darkness of silence in my mind
The funeral pyre for their comfort in my heart
The eruption of my patience kills
Your premade template personality
To break the violence of your doubt

The world shall fear the ignorance in conformity
The vote is out from the grand jury in your minds
The expanse of your intolerance spoken from your eyes
The breaking point of violence from your hearts
You should fear a love you cannot image
The charity of truth in absolute equality

In the baby Jesus there is no tomorrow
Once was spoken to have risen
But by men of weakness it was written
The pain of angels is the darkness of night
The day is a demonic flame of their play time
The moon is the tears of devils that filled a circular vile
The sun an ancient angelic token of forever undying light
In a baby Jesus there is no hope for tomorrow

Only in the living today
Can equal future have a tomorrow
Only in the chosen uniform unconformity moment
Will we find truth for our final hours
Only in the truth of that life will we find truth denied
Our wills broken down by science
Or a subliminal question unanswered
Our souls filled with hope of equality conformity
In a baby Jesus there is no tomorrow
Only in the unanswered questions of this life
Will we find absolute forever in tomorrow

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Rip out my vocal chords
I want rhythm in all life's accords
Written for equality destined
For a future unselfish community

Fuck finding the way into my heart
You can't afford to find my reasons
I'm too focused to breath like you do
So fear on, and fuck that research into my heart

Don't stand beside me until your will is tall
I'd rather walk blind than live with your life's purpose
I need to see the driest desert
To exist in deepest winter
So my heart might be clear
To stand with my mind and not fall

I hate my life is a reality you never knew
There is nothing I won't give up
To exist now opposite as you do
I'll ram out of all houses' walls
To run into the coldest winter
Against your fools pride embed in evil
Desires of a selfish mind
There is no will set against you
Only a comfort box encircles your heart
Show me the door I'll grasp the tides of winter
Upon the swells of open ocean so peaceful
In the end my vanquished self in harmony
Can stand against you all
This is my purpose to fight the lack of purpose
Inside the fucking empty shell you call a life

Fuck finding the way into my heart
You can't afford to find my reasons
I'm too focused to breath like you do
So fear on, and fuck that research into my heart

In disbelieve I watch as you follow blind
Equal to your own self provoked opinions
I have no time for your back water country rhymes
Into equality I spread my wings to fly

Elven light

Angelic light like elven light
Fearful we are of the coming dawn
There isn't any peace in our souls tonight

The ancient tick of our new age clock
Turn the tables back remember the inside place
Its now conquered by our sense of comfort space
But if I must I'll deconstruct until your evil will is gone

Believe me lets be real locked in this truthful moment
Only right there is no plea to withstand the will of night
The darkness enveloping your sickened soul

Its not alright... alright
we're not alright.... alright
You are all the vast servants of sin
Unable to stand against your own comfortable self contained boxes
I awake and rise to meet my ending moments
Even as might knees might quake
I won't back down tonight
Its that time for me, the elven angelic light awaits

Angelic light like elven light
Fearful we are of the coming dawn
There isn't any peace in our souls tonight

I await the dawn
The impending doom of us all
You can step back into dust return
Soon we'll all be like you
Its just the manner in which we choose
We'll enter elven angelic eternity
At the dawning of the Son's light

The whitest light will never oblige your comfort soul
Evil will against equality within you exists too fluently this night
Embrace the elven light or be devoured by satan's grace tonight
His harmony is your structure of self tortured imminent intensity
I awake step back against the rise of selfish will in the self called my

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Generate the Lying Structure Inside

Harmony from no structure comes
Peace destruction has the system done
There is no time like the moments of now to awake

Then maybe the fear will evaporate
Leaving your veins time to regenerate
All the secrets once hidden deep within
I learned true love and now I know absolute hate
Is it funny I should say anger advanced my soul

Equality spat back in my face
There isn't enough truth bound in hate
For this generation to find true love
Only a fancy heroic fairy tale have their dreams become
So willing to bind themselves in shame
Scribing poisons in words the meaning they'll never know

All hope for innocent was lost in pacifism
The true war is against your own inner rage
The cage of ignorance you adore in your own soul
Your heart is vast but too dark to care
You've got your simple homely dreams
So should I just let you seek them and let you go

I'll save you the breathing words
A white dove has more natural love than you
But because of you I'm bound to stand at the well of hate
When I needed you most you spat words of hope back into my face
Your spirit fucked another man's shameless soul I know
Don't hold your chin up acknowledge now the peace in your disgrace
You were never very clear fucked my mind on this abandonment ride

Now I know my home is gone they took your side so long ago
Bullshit they believe your half truths but call me king of shame and lies
When it comes to speaking sweat looking angelic ones like you control
I'll carry the shame for both of us if you'll let me know one thing

If you could leave me now in the dust amongst your ever changing dreams
Would you abandon me again, leaving me for the camouflage of another's arms
To hide your own inner rage someday you'll deliver the truth and bind your soul's fate
Someday, but I hope I never come to know.
If you could change, again I say don't let me know

The question is: if now should your lies stay here or in clear truth vacate away?
Don't you realize your not really even my friend
All the evil believers call me the great sin
While you hide yours away to allow the fucking vanquishing of my very will

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sickened by Symptoms

Exist in a world crippled by toys
Red X isn't offline, its the mode of anger
Self created you can't any longer deny
Fingers hesitate to type www to view images of ill content
Or feed the sociality like crack addiction online

While you sleep cleanse yourself
The medicated high from your veins
The drool from your mouth
The sleep from your eyes
As the howitzers blast to deconstruct your mind
Preparing all you are for the incoming onslaught
The demon will stop time for you no more hands turning
He focuses words to keep you from the total break down
The only chance to see and rebuild your own life

Sickened by symptoms of mental torment
Suffering in desires for water we pipe dream away
Saddened by jesters dancing in clean air in my head
Struck from post melodic civilization's equality hate

Crops harvested for waste cry out in shame
The past is a resolution to forget for a civilized world
Lets drink our minds into dependance on the machine
For our comfort and high overdose pastures are green
No clean water left to cleanse our pasts away

Hope from a few can't save those who remain unaware
The conscious blind the God She can't make whole again
Rip out your insides to find mechanical parts
Soon you'll be after youself no concept left of compasion
This time you'll wipe yourself from the face of the earth

Sickened by symptoms of mental torment
Suffering in desires for water we pipe dream away
Saddened by jesters dancing in clean air in my head
Struck from post melodic civilization's equality hate

While you sleep cleanse yourself
The medicated high from your veins
The drool from your mouth
The sleep from your eyes
As the howitzers blast to deconstruct your mind
Preparing all you are for the incoming onslaught
The demon will stop time for you no more hands turning
He focuses words to keep you from the total break down
The only chance to see and rebuild your own life

Resemblence of No Life

If I were any of you
I'd turn away into in self pity
Consumed by disgrace lapsing into hate
Dye my nails and paint my face
Deny any spoken truth no need for you to change or repent
I see the scars that tell the stories of your lifeline

If I were just you
I'd tear my face in self blame
Ashamed by mocking words in a simple rhyme
That a crucified one who was hunted down
Who took your life's final blow on Her brow
Will simply cleanse your whole past away

If you believe this you should tremble
Your reality of such a Christ isn't real
At your ending moments only an evil smile will greet you
Only if you accept the complex constallations of inner self
Could you breathe against the lies that you were in the past
Stand aflame breast to breast your charred wings decaying
Only moments to remind you that you are your only hope
Before your time reaches its everlasting end

If I had joy I would relapse
Into a past not delt with
A self unkown simmering with hate
And the depths of ignorance remembered
I'd tear my life forever apart

If you remember
Cover your eyes and sleep
There is no hope should you wake
You are unclean in consciousness
No depth perception of wisdom
Your own defiled heart on week nights
Sets the constellations of comfort conformity
Which in the end will condemn you

Purify me with endless thoughts
Remind me of a crucified life in a perilous time
I want to sink into a resemblence of that life
Let no foolish worldly hopes remain

How Should We Deny

A vicious display of truth in hate filled insight
Seering pupils out from our mental death dawn awakeing
Screaming violent sirens that shake dust from a sleepy sun
A new unvigilant egoistic gaurd at the well of hate
Vapors of your legends end as soul's mights degenerates

Degrading gravity from equality neglect deadens our eye sight
Tainted versions of wisdom guided by genocide formulas
Chess court games our morality on society's evolutionary trial
Explain away virtues as mere chemical scientific reaction
A judge must decide how we deal with dark streets
With new anti-Darwin laws based on unproven genetic heresy

How should we deny
The evil voice holding the reigns
There is no reply
The only choice is forfeit to a comfortable lie
Or dismantle your own life
To reconstruct with the chance you might die

Against evil men whose synapses are brokenly firing
We can't call molesters wrong if all our reason is fiction
A chemical theory based on conformity to evolutionary reality
You see now how our minds broke away from various moral texts Some call scriptures labeled 'over quoted ancient verbatum'
Wave goodbye to an unraveling community who judge eachother
By unproven scientific theories causing unabsolute distortions

Truths prophesied betrayed but beyond our greatest measure
By pulpits bearing profit seeking puppets called peachers
Auditoriums labeled by vacant soul seeking leadership
They suggest it be called a reverand holy place
With speechless applause the congragation approves
And some in an evil unknown (angelic) tongue
A soft sinister voice soothing unmedicated open wounds
With precise words and intoxicating undertones
Seeking your soul with no protection it penetrates

How should we deny
The evil voice holding the reigns
There is no reply
The only choice is forfeit to a comfortable lie
Or dismantle your own life
To reconstruct with the chance you might die

Machines that manufacture cannot rebuild your humanity
Gladly they tie your self medicated mind over
Pictures of altered beauty and false harmony evil melody
A dangerous path your feet won't dare to tred
This choice isn't chance or on random virtue on display
It is all morals bound in chivalry delivered into courage
The first simple act chosen and followed into forever
Or the decaying mental picture of your self image
And Nothing more shall you become

I am the anti-way energy running against the traffic
On a mobile uninteractive carefree highway
A truth creeping in while your ignorance stepped out
I am one and all, wrapped inside the tears of heaven
Streaming like stardust into atmosphere unseen
Like the vivid image of your life how it is
The vast expanse of your past is a wreck
Life doesn't deserve you

How should we deny
The evil voice holding our minds
There is no easy reply
The only choice is forfeit to conformity
Or dismantle your whole life
To reconstruct even if you die

Set your feet on concrete made of equality stones
Pavement with morality to deny yourself hells eternity
Or else await in conformity sinking without a trace
Your life in breathless comfortability will leave no signs
Remember these words when your time is ending
The less material you live for the less you will suffer
I offer the blue pill of truth or red of endless mental comatose
Now close your eyes meditate or sleep
In the morning you shall remember nothing
Or awake with breathless hope a new life to undertake

A Legend Truly Deserves You

Cause unseen no hands can carry your soul
No redemption until you pawn it all
Look what the darkness inticed reduced you to
Lets tear it up and seek your rescue
Otherwise nothing will truly deserve you

Dozens of broken trust relationships
But none saw your inner hurting and diseray
Only your outer lonely beuaty
No inner truth in knowing you sought
Did any of them hear a word you said

During those lonely nights
I know inside you were modified
No spoken insight of your inner beauty or self worth
Destined to whore your soul like a prostitute
No sweet release into true loving oblivion
Until you forget acceptance and live for youself

Lets tear up your game plan and redeem your mind
We both know theres a moral wonderous man
Not a rude self pleasure feeding fucking boy
Out there that truly deserves to love you
Remember me and these words when you need them
When you desire to walk the paths of hardship and peace
Seeking your personal legend in a conscious plan

The Shooting Time

Lost all control again
Intoxicating pleasures disgrace
My honourable examples of life
Staying longer won't avail me
I fell from whatever grace taught is
Its my providence now I'm designed to end
Today's breath my minds final terbulant act

I'd rather just fall down into my grave
Inspite of hallow loving words
Let me self destruct this is the way I go
Its up to me to find my own redemption
But my solution wrought a dead end
Along with your answers betrayed

Its time to go
Lost control once again
Today is my epidemic revolution
The hour I beseech the god's
For hosts and armies
That enable by gunshot my death
No seiece fire button to end

I'm so tired of anger
No more striving to live again
Let me give in
To my final temptation
I'd rather it be my death
Than not trust anyone once again

Where are the armies
I await the shooting
The vast bullets that shall never end
No more operations I shan't live on
No never again
This is it my friend
Let me go

I desire the piano's voice
In my last smoke filled
Self dictated moments

Monday, September 22, 2008

I want you to fear me
The screaming violins in my hating voice
The darkness of my traumatizing mind
My touch of weakness disturbs your high
The eagerness dwelt in pacifist built western peaceful times
There is only worries of genocidic undamesticated mankind
Filling the meter of violence in my heart
Just like unspoken fear of darkness outside your door

I desire freedom
So the world doesn't appeal to me
Where is the silence for harmony in my mind
There is only the darkness of my ward
No feelings defeat as I sit wrapped in my vest
My chest beats within always breathing
For a dream of absolution in equal justice that will never shine
Even so I'm disconnected too attached to 3rd world loss of life
No rest unless I grasp your illusion of skin deep peace
While getting high on something tonight

So I don't grasp your illusion
No moderation of absolutes shall confirm the lies
Only the grand illusion that father time will save you
At the end when your existance is proven tanned skin shallow
Will you find the uselessness of your time in this place

I'd rather be a killer of life
Than preach your false testimony
Or uphold your beauty as blessings for our outsides
The future crawls away as you seek shelter
From the outcome of your own surface level choices
No you can't turn double turn again and walk away
Welcome to consequences of the security of who you are
Of a faithless lack luster energy liberation into hell
No god's will save the illusion you never knew you were

Identified by frequent mental theft
Endless rows of tatoos, implants, uniforms and tanned skin
People of conformity cluster fuck my eyes
Into a dreamstate of silent darkness and soul suffering
A vigilant dictatorship of equality disturbs
The temple of the we I call us in my mind

Only darkness for we, us, and I
As I pray for nothing but equality in this life
God is forever but children are dying around us and we
While I in we sit back in an arm chair
And get high to forget their plight tonight

Beauty in the Mourning Reflections

Sell yourself to the ghost in the dark
He'll take your deepest desires way too far
Enter into a shadow reality to feel a minute glimpse of free
To triumph against your crippling half medicated joys
To revel in your own self proclaimed falsified legend
In the providence of timely fashion never fixed pain

There is beauty in the mourning for the way we live
Lament for the mass scars from our overdose infected wounds
They torment our souls as we leave them for our kids

I am the unworldy way out from which glass reflections preach
Death and decay so near at hand deny the grand comfort illusion
I'll swallow your child-like self molesting heart tonight
Concieve a murderous intent against truth until it goes away
Then all we desire in your minds will unhindered be seen
Yet from the lack of absolute equality we shall never be free

Lament for our ruined age of chivalry
Overwhelmed amidst our self denied hypocracy
Lets coin lying phrases to toss all honor aside
To throw our demonic star dust instensly at the sun
Into eyes of the god's who dictate our future already over
No need for morality we stand on the brink of it all
Sceintific purity is our next generation mental sanctity

There is beauty in the mourning for the way we live
Lament for the mass scars from our overdose fun infected wounds
They torment our souls as we pass them on cursing our kids

There is no use we are already over
We are here again already broken as men
Scattered peices of who we were meant to be
We lost our code, all morality along our new comfortable ways
We fight against everything we once concieved to be pure
In the namesake of a fantastic saving thing might make us whole

We are undone ten thousand unholy self satisfied peices
No one can make sense of who you are amongst your own damage
Only your own face reflected will you recieve grace unseen
Everything you thought is nothing until your cleansed
On your way to whole through realms of things that make you high
How I discuss with the sky the moonlight tears in nature's eyes
No beauty in the cannibals we are eating away at our own souls

There is beauty in the mourning for the way we live
Lament for the mass scars from our overdose fun infected wounds
They torment our souls as we pass them on cursing our kids
In the created there are four ways to reflect us into self awake
Without absolutes in morality none of them aid our hearts
To regenerate

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well of Hate

Welcome to earth
The system center of our atom build universe
I conclude we exist in a matrix type hell
Too near the structure we built
Known as the well of hate
Intertwined in lust our culture lay
Embracing chaos in fugitive disarray
Hypocrisy devil designed democracy
Created to aid in obtaining your soul
A post melodic system of turmoil
Where no inner peace or harmony can dwell

Melt my spirit into the metalic black urn
Of our culture created god's sulfuric hell
I desire to hug the Cerberus
While he eats away my soul
So continue to pray to your grand societal delusion
A boxed up god not in nature but on TV
Isolated self against the truth in searching
Indulging in the revolution of the anti calm

A new world post marxist but bound in communism
Hidden in our democracy exists today
To see you must seek the anti social
A mental pre-image deconstruction solution
No unique qualities only masses conforming
To meet the social vibes next impending trend
Hear the harmony of the soul's unanswered melody

You know well all meet the same end
No amounts of money will buy you out
But the more you own will help you enter in
First in line at the gates of hell
An eternal chasm beside the well we built
The well of anti-equality the masses breath as hate

The apex of the final absolution
You are a walking TV commercial slave
Your glass world tinted yours shades
So you could more easily misdirect the blame
Now you throw hateful words at the gods
In your darkest and most unblessed days
Whoring stories of poverty slave labour
You can't deny you benefit from exists today
I fuck my fingers into the deepest depths
The black orbs of my unherioc eyes
So God, she can burn away the unrest
In the self adorned turbulant core of life
No hero will die for a gluttonous world
That so greedily feeds while children die
We torment them indirectly for our labels
Or possesions we claim to need
While they trapped in cages bleed

When left alone with in humble silence
With the most ancient of unanswered questions
The daily clamor becomes merely an agent
Against virtue that is the still and quiet
It will only help you to forget
No granduer in an question never asked
There is no answer I could give
To envoke your consciousness to truly live

Accept the natural selection chaotic theory
Random luck they say is how you came to exist
It gives you mental ease and comfort
As you gladly endorse 3rd world slave labor
Conform to the vacant mannequin masses
Fuck the fragile glass equality delusion
Forgot you ever wanted a relative answer
Turn aside to embrace the comfort
Of socially acceptable labels of over sold matter
Watch the true freedom parade pass by
From your monitor or TV screen
Or from behind the encasing windows
Of the shops the bind you so deep
To a demon-cracy adopted for pleasures
Seen by 3rd world anti-west as the well of hate

All dreams now exist in a terrible world
So romantically full of energentic rage
Injustice wrapped in the rape of equality
Especially by our own self indulgent kind
We comb our hair and share the same TV embed tastes
Polish your dress to fit our mental vision

I Stand on quaking knees
Beseeching the unholy reason
Why I should waste my life away
For you the self serving communal slaves
Degenerate my soul with unpenatrable perseverance
Set in rage against your anti virtue society
Bound in chains to the well we all helped build
A well at the chasm of hell
The well of hate

Point me to professional help
A perscribed psycho-anti-christ-rapist
Equate the quality of medicated labeled help
To the amount they require you to pay
A system built to create troubles and hate

Deliver me from a societal suicide fate
I'd rather be banished into the well of hate
To read its letters to gods
From the children we raped not so long ago
By a worldwide lust for comfort
For their oil without a dime spent
We burned down bridges while selling our souls
No freely given assistance
Only consequences suggested we deny
A C.I.A cover less likely to make TV
From it's blasts we don't need shelter

Uniform conformity set to break your will
Against its stones built into the well of hate
When you can think for yourself let me know
As I prepare to dodge another harmful taste
A hell bent force fed heretic damnation pill
Administered by pastors in auditoriums
With religion for TV put up on show
Swallowed by so many sleeping souls
As the rhythmic chants make me ill
Down the throat by those labeled society's saints
Can you declare thoughts of your own
Even if thats so I won't care
Maybe best to say it again
Don't even begin to let this dead heart know

Another dry throat foaming in the mouth
Beside the vastness of the well of hate
Watched its own life as it avoided action
Into self deterioration it eagerly climbed
It hoped to find peace after it vented
But the inner anger welcome the breath of life
No peace found in the verbal vent
Only selfish rhymes of comfort and rage
Self avoidance is key when living in a world
So ready to disbelieve in self virtue or restraint
But pools its prayers in a vision
Of some miracleous impending change
Vanquishing the unanswered questions within

I have no such hope
I want them to pillage my face
With unadulterated version of hate
The unholy justified rope around my neck
I see my future death all to clear
At the hands of those destined for a mental hell
I am the man utterly dedicated
To a deconstructive regeneration end
At the cost of my tragic self
An all abandoning prolific uneducated profile